Sai Kung

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

How do I get there?

  • CityBus/NWFB/KMB 792M from Tseung Kwan O station
  • KMB92 from Choi Hung
  • Green Minibus 1A or 1S from Choi Hung, 101M from Hang Hau

Where is it? 

On the east side of the New Territories, Sai Kung has some of the city’s best hiking, beaches, water sports activities, seafood and spectacular landscapes. Living wise, many are drawn to the fresh air, sea views, and outdoor and rural environment. Sai Kung Town Centre has a mix of western cafes, Chinese restaurants, pubs, shopping, and amenities.

Why live here? 

The area is a hub for the top watersports, fishing and hiking in the city, with proximity to the MacLehose Trail and spectacular islands. From wakeboarding to mountain climbing, you can find it all in this district. The area offers a relaxed atmosphere with a variety of accommodation options from village houses, to walk-ups and low-rise apartments, often with sea and mountain views.

Recommended activities:

Sightseeing, eating, hiking, swimming, beach activities

One thing you might not know…

Kau Sai Chau, the only public golf course in Hong Kong, is only a 10-minute ferry ride from Sai Kung Town Centre.


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