Building Renovation

Project Management

We have a multi-disciplinary professional team composed of architects, building surveyors, building services engineers and interior designers. These professionals are supported by our site staff and in-house CAD draftsmen.

What do we do?

Subject to the building’s condition and our client’s requirements, we perform upgrading of building services components and public lift lobbies; fire improvement works and external wall refurbishment. For A&A works, we prepare the necessary documents then liaise with the government until the project is fully completed.

How do we work?

We will assign an authorised person from our team to give meticulous technical and procedural advice to the clients if the work requires submission to the government.

Who do we work for?

Building owners or incorporated owners for strata-titled buildings.


Key contacts

Johnnie Chan

Johnnie Chan

Chief Executive Officer
Property Management

8/F Cityplaza One

+852 2534 1688


Adam Evennett

Adam Evennett

Regional Director
Cross Border Tenant Advisory

Two Exchange Square

+852 2842 4208