Due Diligence

Savills Research

What do we do?

Both individual investors and funds require access to local market professionals who can quickly help them decide on the potential of real estate acquisitions. Due diligence often involves valuers and building surveyors, as well as market consultants.

How do we work?

Quickly and accurately. We provide rapid access to local market information which is then distilled into key issues for investors not familiar with market conditions in Asia. Investors want honest and impartial views supported by market knowledge and years of experience.

Who do we work for?

Most major local and international real estate funds as well as individual investors


Key contacts

Simon Smith

Simon Smith

Senior Director
Research & Consultancy

12/F Cityplaza One

+852 2842 4573


Savills Research

Savills Research

Savills Research & Consultancy aims to offer objective advice to clients in order to help them make well-informed real estate related decisions and realise pre-defined goals.