Land Lease Negotiation

Land Lease Negotiation

We offer advisory and valuation of company assets for their financial reporting, encompassing company restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, public flotation or pre-IPO restructuring.

What do we do?

We work with other professionals to apply for modification of lease conditions of a site as prescribed in relevant ordinances. The application is complex and lengthy comprising many stages and is not time efficient. Land lease modifications are instrumental to landlords and developers for development projects or redevelopments. Savills is highly regarded as the best team in town and act for the best interests of clients throughout the negotiation process.

How do we work?

Land lease negotiations require a good understanding of government practices. Our team of surveyors draws up a strategic plan with tactics for execution to represent our client in dealing with government officials from application and assessment of premium, to attendance of valuation conference and acceptance of formal offer, or appeal, as the case may be.

Who do we work for?

Local landlords, investors and site owners dealing with the Lands Department and other government authorities in lease modification transactions.


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